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Camera Holder - Cotton Carrier

Original article:  Camera Holder - Cotton Carrier

The Problem
It seems that after every trip in the field I find myself looking for a new camera bag solution. Having to stop, dig around my bag and fumble with lens changes while trying to keep things out of the dirt is just impossible. After watching the Cotton Carrier video I think I may have been looking in the wrong place. The answer, it seems is not in the bag, but in the camera strap - or in this case camera holder. Now, if I can just get to the point where I don’t fall flat on my face while skiing I’ll be set.

The Solution
The Cotton Carrier is a system with a "quick release" insert on the camera that is received into a chest harness receptacle. The insert and receptacle are made from Lexan - a lightweight, strong and wear resistant high tech plastic. The insert fits into the camera's tripod mount, yet still allows for mounting to a tripod (or quick release system).

The Cotton Carrier video shows examples in the real world - skiing, hiking and mountain biking - along with an explanation of how the system is used. Take a look, let me know what you think; I haven't personally tried the system, but would like to.

Cotton Carrier Camera Systems
More information can be found, along with pricing and availability of the Cotton Carrier system at their website.

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