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Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom - Karol Gajda

Original article:  Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom

I just started to read this guy - Karol Gajda -; he's been a solopreneur since he was 19, recently he sold all his stuff, packed a 32-liter (8.5 gallon) backpack (that is ridiculously small) and "CouchSurfs[.org]" around the globe while enjoying the "Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom" his lifestyle affords.

Gajda not only blogs about his amazing travels and experiences, but helps others to follow his footsteps.

Currently, Gajda, in Franz Joseph, New Zealand released a "Black Book" intitled: The Unofficial Guide To CouchSurfing designed to help others live the life that has profoundly changed his. The eBook is free for all interested.
Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom
'In 17 words: The ultimate goal with and my life is to help 100 people achieve Ridiculously Extraordinary Freedom.'

Couch Surfing
'CouchSurfing is an international non-profit network that connects travelers with locals in over 230 countries and territories around the world. Since 2004, members have been using our system to come together for cultural exchange, friendship, and learning experiences. Today, over a million people who might otherwise never meet are able to share hospitality and cultural understanding.

Our mission as an organization is to create inspiring experiences: cross-cultural encounters that are fun, engaging, and illuminating. These experiences take many forms. CouchSurfing's initial focus was on hosting and 'surfing' (staying with a local as a guest in their home). Alongside these core experiences, we now also facilitate a growing array of activities and events.

We have a vision of a world where everyone can explore and create meaningful connections with the people and places they encounter. Each CouchSurfing experience shared by our members brings us closer to that vision. '

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