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Dobby's Doing

When StokeDaSoul R5 was released I reflected on how setting objectives provided a guide to help stay on course to finish the project. During the progression of the project there naturally were low points. During those times I used several sources of inspiration and motivation to keep making progress. Over the course of the next few posts I plan to link to these sources.

I thought I would start with this inspirational talk by Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the travel memoir "Eat, Pray, Love". In this talk Gilbert gives another view on creative geniuses. As the TED description deftly puts it "instead of the rare person 'being' a genius, all of us 'have' a genius". Gilbert describes this genius as "a magical, divine, entity, who was believed to literally live in the walls of an artist's studio - kinda like Dobby the house Elf - who would come out and sort of invisibly assist the artist with the work."

For the StokeDaSoul project there had been one lingering design issue: how to display multiple images on a single blog post. After re-viewing the Elizabeth Gilbert video I code named the project "Dobby's Doing" as an inside joke to myself. Both as humor and a way to remind me of Gilbert's message every time that I looked at the project plan. But that same day I “accidentally” clicked on a link in my browser that took me to a news story site that had used a simple and clever design to display several pictures. is a small nonprofit devoted to "Ideas Worth Spreading". TED posts videos weekly on a wide range of topics. Many of which I find inspirational, educational or just down right entertaining.
That became the design of StokeDaSoul. I know that some web designer out there deserves the credit for the design, but I have no idea who that is or even what site I went to. But I do believe I need to thank Dobby for having my back.

Thanks Dobby!



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