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November 9, 2009 So the other day, I walked out of my house, as the "Google-Street-View" car was driving by. On that day I thought, I’ll need to check to see what showed up on my street. I finally got around to looking it up, to see if I was in the shot - sure enough there I am. The day that the car drove by I did think to myself about privacy rights. But then again I'm posting the screen capture here; so what does that say to my concern for privacy.

The technology of things like Street View is amazing. First off, the resolution, as shown in the screen capture (resized smaller for the post) is pretty darn good. That is a lot of data. Because it is not just a series of snapshots, Street View is a 360° video stream of streets all over the nation. So I can look at myself walking out of my house from all different angles and from all different points of view up and down the street. Somehow all of this data is tagged with GPS information and recalled as you "scroll" through it. Amazing.

I also noticed - in an attempt to head of the privacy advocates - someone (or something) goes in and blurs faces, car license plates and I'm not sure what else. That is a lot of data. Welcome to the digital world.



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(Sunday, 18 Jul 2010)  I love your pictures..... do you have any pictures of salty nuts? Cause I'm into that....
Scott (Admin)
(Monday, 19 Jul 2010)  @ Bee - thanks for the comment; the love part, not so much the salty nut part. Hahaha. See you on the trail. You are a trooper!
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