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Climb out of a rut

October 12, 2009 I found myself getting into a bit of a rut: wide shot of hiker standing on a rock enjoying the view, wide shot of photographer standing on a rock photographing the view, wide shot of hiker sitting on the rock; I think you get the picture. For the last few weeks, as I processed photographs, I found myself saying another "standing at the vista shot". I guess it is understandable since I've been hiking to vistas. A change was required. So I made a mental note to get some different angles, different compositions, to look for other photographic opportunities. I came back with a shot of a hiker taking a break to read a book at a vista. Clearly mental notes were not working with me.

Try It
Try it for yourself. Choose a new lens. If you are limited to a zoom and you find that you tend to use wide try the opposite. Don’t allow yourself to fall back into what is comfortable.

So this weekend I decided to change up the kit in my backpack. I swapped out my old faithful, familiar and comfortable lens with a lens that I haven't used in a while. I left my old faithful at home. I resisted even bring it with me - to leave in the car "just in case". Even still, once in the field, presented with a nice vista, I tried to force the issue and take my familiar comfortable compositions. But the change of lens served as a reminder of the post processing blues of coming back with similar shots.

The change of equipment forced me to look for new compositions. The change from familiarity of lens forced me out of my comfort zone. I was forced to use some creativity to find a shot. And, so, I came back with a shot of climbing to a vista point. Okay, admittedly, my composition creativity is a work in progress. But it's a start.



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(Tuesday, 28 Sep 2010)  Not to get into a 'what's in your bag' question, but, well, actually, what is your 'old faithful' lens that you mentioned in the article?
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