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LA Triathlon

October 4, 2009 The 10th anniversary of the Los Angeles Triathlon was this weekend. The 2009 LA Triathlon has several categories within the overall event, including an Olympic distance triathlon, a sprint distance (for the weekend warrior) triathlon and a bike only event. The Olympic distance triathlon is one of five races of the Lifetime Fitness Triathlon Series for the Toyota Cup. Since the bike portion of the swim, bike and run course was a few blocks from my house I decided to go and take a few shots for the editorial style sports portfolio.

I stationed myself at the top of a small hill, not even a hill really, but a small rise. But as anyone who has raced any distance can attest the smallest rise in elevation will slow even the fittest. For the photographer, this slowing of the pace gives a few extra seconds to compose, focus and shoot a photograph. It's important to note that if the rise was too significant it will cause the athletes to break their form - the aero-dynamic bike position that triathletes are known for.

Try It
Road course sporting events (triathlons, marathons, 10k's, etc) are a great place to practice photography. Research the event. Research the sport. You'll know what is going on and even more importantly how to stay out of the way.

As I was shooting, I noticed that further down the course I could see the tall office buildings of the Wilshire district. With my blog from a few days ago of "Telling the Story" fresh in my mind; and this being the Los Angeles Triathlon (Los Angeles equals tall buildings) I thought the buildings would make for a nice background. Re-positioning myself to line up the background, I looked for a series of riders in the classic aero position of a triathalete.

Kristian Vallas of Brea, California cycled down Olympic Blvd. on his way to a sprint distance time of 1:38:27 (swim: 20:18, bike: 41:17, run: 29:02) to finish 134th out of 474 in the 2009 Los Angeles Triathlon. With the elements of Vallas in classic position, the undulating Olympic blvd. running off into the distance, the stagger of the pursuing athletes and the Los Angeles office buildings in the distance the photograph is better suited to tell the story.



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Scott (Admin)
(Monday, 05 Oct 2009)  Additional photographs of the Olympic distance athletes from the day at the 2009 LA Triathlon:
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