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Setting da Pace

March 9, 2009 I really got into stride on this slight uphill section of trail. I could see the crest of the rise and with it the promise of a downhill section. This section of the trail was picturesque enough to take my breath away. So I decided to stop, step out of the tracks, pull out my camera, and enjoy the view. Finishing the climb and enjoying the downhill, I thought, would be even better after taking a few minutes to soak in what was around me now.

After a few minutes, I could hear the swish and glide of people coming up the trail. Rover was the first to make the turn. His head was up, his tongue hanging, and his tail wagging as the pads on his paws griped better than anything man could ever invent. When he reached me, he broke his track, greeted me with excited enthusiasm, as if he was saying "oh my goodness, isn't it beautiful, isn't this so much fun, isn't this great, okay, gotta go now".

You gotta love a sport that meanders through pine forest, through picturesque views, where peace and quiet prevail, and where rover can run free (plastic bags are required). You get a full body workout in the great outdoors. You get to explore a portion of forest in the winter. You get the exhilaration of downhill sections. And you get to meet Rover who reminds you to let your tongue hang out and enjoy the moment.

Okay, maybe my stride wasn’t technically that impressive - wobbly, off-balanced, lame comes to mind; and maybe the view didn't take my breath away, it probably was the uphill; and maybe I didn't stop to take in view, this might have been one of the many times I lost my balance and fell, but it definitely was one of those times where I lived in the moment.

In Memoriam: 'Jake and Sissy would have loved this.'



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(Thursday, 19 Mar 2009)  How cute! Does "Rover" need a trail pass? Seriously, I didn't realize dogs could go on the trail.
Scott (Admin)
(Friday, 20 Mar 2009)  At Kirkwood (Northern California) certain trails are marked on the map as dog friendly.

And the picture: Sage is actually a picture of the dog owned by one of the ski patrol people that run the place. I think them being dog lovers have something to do with it.
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