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Get Stoked! 2009

February 12, 2009 The past week I've been working on the website from an internal computer programming stand point. The website release notes will bare this out. Writing code is a different mindset from the creative writing process. Then again, at a very high level, designing the functionality of the website is a creative process. Even still, I know my brain tends to shifts gears, or rather shifts sides - from right to left, from creative to analytical.

As I sit here, reflectively writing this, I realized - just now - that I had been struggling with a long term writing project. My struggle was that I was unable to focus. It wasn't writer’s block; on the contrary, it was a flood of ideas. I was filling up the page with ideas, bits and pieces, fragments of sentences, and at best paragraphs of diverse topics. As much as I tried, I couldn't finish two consecutive paragraphs. I found myself banging my head against the wall coming up with crazy ways to segue between two dissimilar paragraphs. It doesn’t work by the way; it’s just easier to write two paragraphs that belong together. My resolve had been to finish a complete chapter - there in, probably lies my problem, having a resolution. My new year’s resolution is to work on the whole resolution thing.

After some frustration, I found myself, unconsciously switching to working on the internals of the website. I found, for once, writing coding felt good, writing code came easy. What I've come to realize is that I needed the structure. I went to my to do list and found a feature I had been wanting to add. I wrote code to accomplish that feature. Simple.

When I completed my coding, I went to use the new feature on Wanting it to look nice, I started to take some of my stock photographs and designed graphics that would be appealing. The creative juices started to get going again. I needed to have some content - a fancy way of saying words - that made sense, told a story and hopefully entertained. The creative juices were still flowing. Of course, as would any creative type, I took it too far. Yesterday I spent 12 hours working design, forgetting to eat, forgetting to exercise, forgetting to keep balanced. Actually that is my resolution: to find balance between the left and the right, to find balance between work and play, to find balance between enjoying food and eating healthy, in short to find balance.

And now that I have analyzed this (blame the programming side of my brain) I'll probably loose my creative juices again.



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