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Mellow Yellow

August 13, 2008 The other day, I sat infuriated, watching an episode of 'Costas Now'. The episode was a panel discussion on sports bloggers. In my mind, it could have been scripted by Hollywood, with an old crusty writer - I'm surprised he didn't show up with his manual typewriter on his lap - complaining bloggers aren't real journalist. The bothersome part was the traditional journalist reading quotes from comments left on the blogger’s website as his justification for putting down all bloggers. I couldn't understand what a random visitor's comment had to do with the blogger’s journalistic abilities. What does a comment from a reader have to do with the writer's ability? Someone answer me, please. Costa himself proceeded to read excerpts of idiot commentors from the blogger's website.

The blog detractors could have easily made the point that blogs are opinion, not fact, not journalism from the traditional standpoint. They didn't, they read profane interlaced comments. Hello! It is sports. The only facts are the stats, the boring stats from a sporting event; how interesting is it to say "the Lakers lost because they scored less". No, sports fans discuss the 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' stuff, but that is all opinion.

Anyhow, I'll look at this pretty flower for a while to mellow out. Okay. Better now. On the web I'm always looking for interesting websites. Researching some links for the Olympic Photography posting I came across a Newsweek photographer's blog . His postings during the busy schedule of the Olympics are an insightful look into a working sports photographer’s life at the Olympics. For myself as a photographer I'm benefited by reading his day to day process, his techniques; as a writer I’m benefited by his straight forward and insightful words; as a viewer of photographs I'm benefited by coming to know and appreciate what it takes to make stunning captures; and as a fan of sport I’m benefited by being able to see the photographs that capture the drama that is sports, but the editor wasn’t able to use. Before blogging how would I have gotten these benefits? Wait for him to write a book that no publishers would publish? Somehow get the inspiration after seeing his photographs to call him and setup an interview? No, probably not.

Don't get me wrong, there are more useless postings from bloggers - "I woke up, took a picture, here it is..." - than there are insightful ones. I myself have posted useless things. I do strive to constantly improve the quality of photographs and words I post, but then again that is just my opinion.



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