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Ocotillo Branch

March 24, 2008 I've been watching the Art Wolfe series Travels to the Edge on PBS television. Those of you familiar with outdoor photography will know, Wolfe is recognized for his amazing captures of colorful landscapes and dramatic wildlife in exotic places the world over. He has spent over 25 years traveling to remote locations - the resulting photographs are evocative to the imagination and are an advocate for the environment in their portrayal of natural beauty. The series is a worth while watch.

As a photographer, I catch myself straining to make out what equipment Wolfe is using. I must admit, I got excited to see Wolfe using a 70-200 2.8L lens and extension tube to capture some lichen in the macro world - I had been experimenting with the same setup. The geekyness of sitting in front of the TV saying: "he's using extension tubes! and a 70-200!" can't be understated. I'm a bit disappointed that Wolfe doesn't talk more about the technique - both artistic and technical. Although, I supposed the series needs to be targeted at a broader market than just photographers.

The supporting website for Travels to the Edge and its associated sponsored sites from Canon and Microsoft are geared towards photographers, with video tips from Art Wolfe. Also a worth while visit.

Inspired from watching the series, I was going through recent photographs. I found this shot of the detail of a branching Ocotillo sprouting leaves from my Anza trip. I wanted to post it, not that it can compare to Art Wolfe's landscapes or even related through the equipment setup. It just happened that I decided to blog about the Travels to the Edge series and was going to post this photograph. However, I am now inspired to get back out into the field.



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