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California Palm

Jan 22, 2008 It wasn't that long ago I noticed palms outside my local coffee shop. I've been waiting for the 'right sky' to serve as a backdrop to this newly trimmed palm tree. What would be the right sky I couldn't tell you. Frankly, in Los Angeles we do not have much in the way of sky. Angelinos are accustomed to seeing a hazy grey. Some of the time we have high clouds that blanket Los Angeles from horizon to horizon. On the best of days we have blue. Yesterday as a storm front moved into Los Angeles we had a combination of puffy white clouds and blue skies. It seemed to be the 'right sky' for this picture.

This winter it has become second nature for me to grab my camera when the weather is changing. Trying to see a new picture has also become second nature. I've noticed, the ‘stop and smell the roses’ theme has become common in my posts. The lesson to see and appreciating beauty in random places during the course of a 'normal' day has its rewards. Speaking for myself, if I traveled to some foreign desert I would take a picture of a palm like this. Its bark has a nice texture; its crown of leaves is unusual when compared to other plants. So why not here at home?

I had to do a few annoying things related to earning a living, but on my way home I stopped at the coffee shop. In my minds eye I knew the sun had set low enough to provide side lighting for the palm. The sky was breaking up nicely, the dark stormy clouds turning into puffy white ones with blue peeking out. I originally wanted two of the palms converging towards the center of the picture but the coffee shop was in the way. I happen to like this coffee shop so I'm okay with the one palm. :)

I’m not sure why I was feeling self conscience about standing in the parking lot taking a picture of the palm. Perhaps it was the big SLR camera and lens. Perhaps it was guilt over appreciating the palm and sky while everyone rushed by doing their daily thing. One guy in a suit and tie walked past, got all the way to his car, turned around and came over, looked up at the scene I was shooting, said 'hmmm' and turned back to go about his day. I like to think he was thinking, now there is the 'right sky' for a backdrop to the wonderful palm.


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