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Dec 26, 2007 The sun dips below the western sky and as a last hurrah its afterglow lights up the horizon. The temperature drops as night officially begins. I pull my hood tight over my head and zip up my fleece trying to block out the sudden awareness of cold. Maybe it is the transitory time of day but I'm feeling reflective as I start the long hike back. Looking over my shoulder I can see the on-shore breeze evident in the waving flag over the lifeguard station. Waving raised flag signals an on duty lifeguard status even at this darkening hour. Maybe the lifeguard is trying to hold on to the day, or maybe also feeling reflective watching the same afterglow stays on duty longer than normal.

During this reflective moment I see the picture before me in a subtly different way. Normally I would compose this picture with a very small foreground and fill the image with the blueness of the sky at dusk. As if the lifeguard station is a sentinel in the vastness of 'big blue'. Instead I fill the foreground with the sand that is already in darkness. As I'm walking away from the lifeguard tower I compose this picture in a way that gives distance to the tower from the viewer’s perspective. Perhaps subconsciously I know I’ll be spending less time in the water.

It is the end of the day at the end of the season at the end of the year.


 Tips, Techniques & Tools Utilized
  Silhouette in Photography     EF 17-35mm F/2.8L  


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