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Day 1 - Ayutthaya, Thailand

Jan 15, 2003 – The red eye left me exhausted from the long, long, very long flight into Bangkok, Thailand. I had made up my mind to avoid the hustle and bustle of the most populous city in Thailand and head for Ayutthaya on a morning bus. From the N.E. Bus Terminal in Bangkok it was a short and unmemorable ride to Ayutthaya. As the bus station in Ayutthaya was a street corner debarkation was a bit confusing. After collecting my backpack at the luggage counter - which also served as the gutter, I tried to get my bearings. I was glad that I had invested in a cheap compass/key chain to orient the guide book map and my dizzy head. So many travelers stand on the street corner, studying their maps, wondering which way is North. I stood on the street corner, studied the map knowing which way was North, and wondered where the heck I was – the bus-station-street-corner-gutter wasn’t listed.

I just decided to let a “cyclo” driver take me to a randomly picked guest house recommended by the guide book. Once I settled in to the guest house I was anxious to see something. I had the same cyclo driver take me to some of the further sites, Wat Kasatthirat and Wat Chai Wattanaram was as far as my notes went.

Trying to take a different angle of the line of Buddhas at Wat Chaiwatthanaram, Ayutthaya, Thailand I shot using the design principle of leading lines in mind. Trying to get the line of Buddhas to lead off to the horizon with a different perspective in the foreground.

Buddhas in Thailand are some times draped in Saffron robes by the monks. I tried to get the feel of size by taking a low angle with my fish eye lens of the saffron robed Buddhas. I debated on whether or not to remove the statue just entering in the top right hand corner but decided to leave it in as it adds to the effect. The color contrast between the saffron robes and the sky was amazing on this day.


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