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Sunset on Technology

During a September session of late afternoon hiking, the sunset went down though the high tension towers. Looking down on the cities of Pasadena, Altadena and beyond from Mount Lowe.

We have completed the hike up Half Dome and have been searching for another 'goal' for motivation to keep on training. As we hiked up Mount Lowe, we met up with a guy with a California 14,000'ner T-Shirt.... hmmmm....

  14,003  - Thunderbolt
  14,013  - Mount Muir
  14,020  - Mount Tyndall
  14,040  - Middle Palisade
  14,042  - Mount Langley
  14,058  - Split Mountain
  14,086  - Mount Russell
  14,162  - Mount Shasta
  14,162  - Mount Sill
  14,242  - North Palisade
  14,246  - White Mountain
  14,375  - Mount Williamson
  14,494  - Mount Whitney

Apparently Mount Lowe has a bit of history associated with it, as is evidenced by all the plaques along the trail. Echo Mountail hotel was opened in July of 1893. All that remains are some rough foundations, railway remains and markers put up by the historic society.

There are several websites with more information on Mount Lowe and the Echo Mountain Railway.

Scenic Mount Lowe Railway Historical Committee

Mount Lowe Preservation Society

Information regarding the Mount Lowe trail from the Sierra Club


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