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Day 2 - Ayutthaya, Thailand

Jan 16, 2003 - For my second day in Ayutthaya I decided to head out on my own at a leisurely pace. Finally able to orient myself, I made my way to Wat Phra Mahatthat. One of the highlights of Wat Phra Mahatthat is the head of Buddha surrounded by a tree. During my research of Thailand I had seen a beautiful picture of Buddha and planned to visit for the purpose of getting a similar shot. I've found that it's a jinx on photography to do this. Even so I enjoyed walking around the Ayutthaya Historical Park at my own pace.

In the late afternoon I went back to the park for sunset. The thick cloud cover made for a very uninteresting sunset. At first it was a little disconcerting being in the dark park by myself, but soon the tourist groups started to show up to see the Wats lit up at night.

Still trying to get over the time difference I've been trying to keep myself awake, but am feeling just too sleepy...

Even during January - when the heat and humidity are favorable in central Thailand, near Bangkok - the afternoon heat can sap your energy. I was looking for a nice shady spot to rest and relax. The dog photographed had beat me to the prime spot and wouldn’t budge and inch.

After cooling down a bit, I looked around for an opportunity to take pictures of the features of the ruined temple complex in Ayutthaya. Tiring of all my shots I decided to get in tight and use the temple complex as a backdrop for this dog. With a fish eye wide angle I really had to get in tight for the dog to fill the frame. I was a bit concerned that the dog my awake from slumber and react to me in her face with a big camera. So I composed the shot quickly and snapped. She did manage to open her eyes and sniff around, but that is about it.


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Did you know?

Ayutthaya historical park - comprises the ruins of the old city and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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