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Mountain Sunflower

During one of our training hikes, I came across this wild Mountain sunflower with the Mount Wilson peak in the background. These wildflowers blossom when the moisture is correct, popping up for a brief period in the spring.

Mount Wilson is easily recognizable (smog permiting) because of the antenna farm on it's summit. The antenna's on Mount Wilson support the television and radio broadcast throughout Southern California.

Our little group have been using these day hikes around the Southern California area in preparation for longer and more challenging hikes. Here is a work in progress packing list of items: Packing List.

Here is a topographic view of the approximate location (I didn't use a GPS, only a rough plot on the map) of where this shot was taken on Mount Wilson.

Check this out for a satellite view of Mount Wilson.

To get a better general idea where Mount Wilson is in California take a look at this map.


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