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Scott Sugawara

       Stoked! [stokt] - adjective: exhilarated, excited, euphoric state of mind...


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Mission Statement
The premise behind StokeDaSoul is simply: to be stoked!

Photography can be much more than a set of skills to record images, it can be a creative stimulant, a way of seeing the world, a reason to get out and explore. Writing can be more than nouns and verbs, it can entertain, expand ideas, and inspire the imagination. It is hoped that StokeDaSoul will inspire adventure and exploration - to find your Stoke!

New releases of StokeDaSoul have improved my programming skill set; likewise, through content authoring and editing my design, photography and writing have also grown. My sincerest hope is for visitors of StokeDaSoul to experience the same growth. As I have blogged, I am no expert; I attempt to improve a skill, and along the way post what I learn. In the more traditional sense, I hope to grow the number of visitors thru continual improvements to the website, content and search engine recognition.

The core value of StokeDaSoul is to strive to provide quality content. StokeDaSoul is happy to except submissions from professional photographers and writers. I’m even more stoked to receive submissions from those visitors, like myself, who are trying to grow their skills. To contribute articles and/or photographs please see our submission guidelines Submission Guidelines

As I reflect on StokeDaSoul's 5th anniversary (July 2008), I'm grateful to be around, happy to see visitors from all over the world.

It was July 2003 when StokeDaSoul made its first presence on the internet. For me, it was a tumultuous time after nearly ten years of working in the trenches of startup companies. I needed a break, so I took off on an extended "backpacker" trip to Asia. Traveling around exotic locations I was able to capture images, write, and just experienced things outside of a 10x10 cubicle. In the processing finding my stoke. Balance was restored between work and personal priorities, well, not really, but perspective was a little clearer.

While dusting off my resume - upon returning to the states - I saw that technology had continued along without me. I decided to self learn the latest - ASP.Net - using the content from the trip as my project. After a couple of weeks of coffee, Pop Tarts, and being glued to the computer the first version of the site was ready... I exaggerate... Mexican food and surf sessions were also involved, remember perspective was a little clearer now.

Thank you for visiting. Thank you for reading. I look forward to bumping into you along the journey ahead.

-Scott Sugawara
California Shore Bird at Sunset Ayutthaya, Thailand Buddha Lhasa, Tibet Trail Japanese Pavilion - LACMA, Los Angeles Griffith Park Observatory, Los Angeles
Surfer Ki'i Pohaku The original site logo gets its credit from the Hawaiian "ki'i pohaku" found in Kona. The Hawaiian word "ki'i pohaku" means stone carving or petroglyph. A carving similar to the logo can be found in the fields near Kona, Hawaii.
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Day 1 - Ayutthaya, Thailand
This was the trip that started StokeDaSoul. Starting in Ayutthaya, Thailand and moving around SE Asia - this trip brought the Stoke back into my life....

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